Cherub's Leadership

Cherub College's leadership is responsible for the overall leadership and strategic vision of the College. 

President Kevin Dion Rolle Jr. leads Cherub and is the 3rd President of the College. The President's Office plays a unique and distinct role in helping to shape the overall vision for the college and in carrying out core activities that allow the College to function. The President's Office developed and administers a college-wide undergraduate application system and oversees and coordinates student support services. It funds and guides college-wide academic, research and public-service programmes; and provides centralized business functions in areas like budget analysis, risk management, and procurement, saving the college money by avoiding duplicative services. The President's role is similar to that of a Chief Executive Officer in the private sector. Assisting the President in his role is an Executive Vice-President who also works from the Office of The President.

The Office of the Provost and Dean of the College oversees all the academic programmes of the College as well as the College's technology services and strategic planning. Led by Ms. Gail Johnson, the office is involved in activities ranging from hiring and promotion to strategic planning. Among its primary duties, the office works closely with the academic schools to facilitate hiring, development of the curriculum, and provide support for facilities and equipment. The Provost and Dean of the College reports directly to the President. 

Other members of the Senior Leadership Team include the Deans of the Schools of Business and Administration, Education, Communications and Social Sciences; the Director of Admissions and Operations; the Director of Finance; and the Director of Academic Affairs.